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Monday, March 28, 2011

Recommended Walking Distances

Walking is a way to facilitate the exercise, increase your fitness and improve your overall health. According to the Mayo Clinic, walking can reduce bad cholesterol, increase good cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, helping control your weight, improve your mood and help you stay in shape. If you already have a walking routine, start adding medium or long distance trips. Those who are starting an exercise routine should start with short distances.

Walking Distance
If you are just starting out or have little time to walk, most of your miles will take place at close range, anything from 1 / 2 to 3 miles. These trips will help you create and maintain the basis of their exercise routine. It might be easier to time these rides instead of worrying about the time they are. You can start with just five to 10 minutes at a time and add increasing their level of fitness. Once you can do 3 miles an hour or less, do not hesitate to begin to add middle-distance walks as well. You can also make a short day trip or to add more miles to break in your schedule instead of going for a long walk.

Tips On Walking Long Distances

Walking long distances can put a strain on your feet and body. Pay attention to detail before and while walking can make the journey less difficult. You must make sure your feet and body are in good condition to avoid discomfort.

Wear breathable fabrics that exposes the skin to oxygen and allow your body to sweat. Try to avoid all cotton materials. Breathable fabrics help to prevent skin from chafing and blisters. It also helps to apply lubricant to the areas where they have experienced before rubbing.

Water helps to maintain energy and strength. Bring a large water bottle and filled with water and ice. Familiarize yourself with the road walking and learn the location of the sources of water through the road.

Along with water, your body needs food for energy. Which burns calories and helps you to walk longer distances. Bring a few snacks in a resealable bag for easy access during the walk. Some supplies are healthy snacks bars, raisins or nuts.

Prepare your feet
The long distances can cause discomfort and pain in the feet. Standing as much as possible before the road so they are rested. Clean and clip toenails to avoid discomfort at the front of the feet. Use lightweight and breathable shoes to avoid painful blisters.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Louis de Bernière visit to Kayaköy and Fethiye

Anyone who has read and enjoyed the birds Louis de Bernières "Without Wings, will be pleased to know that soon you will have the opportunity to meet and participate in a discussion of this richly drawn portrait of life in the imaginary town of Eskibachçe, which is based in the abandoned village of Kayaköy.

On Sunday May 1 afternoon with Luis has been organized in the Garden Günay, which overlooks the ghost town, or Levissi in Kaya Valley. Tickets are 50tl each and will be on sale from today in FETAV, the figure and the Garden of Günay. Numbers are limited, so do not delay. The figure, which is central to the organization of this unique and important event, you use the net proceeds to help refurbish Kaya primary school and also to help local children, including those with thalassemia (Mediterranean anemia).

Luis is in the area until 4 May and a full program of events for Monday and Tuesday, including a meeting with school students Fethiye, will be available later this week.