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Saturday, August 6, 2011

topografic maps lycian way

Historical cartography of the area began with Francis Beaufort, a British Naval Captain, which assigns the southern coast of Turkey Patara to Antioch. He has published a book, Karamanie during his travels in 1812.
The Lycian Way, St Paul Trail and books are accompanied by large Kackar folding maps. These maps were professionally produced by Hungarian cartographer George You still and detailed maps showing the general outline covered by the books.

In addition, the maps available are:
- Lycia and Pamphylia / Pisidia 1:250,000 maps produced by archaeologist Aydal Sabri and is available in Antalya Museum, and some stores on the map. Useful contour maps showing the way in Lycia and other trails. Includes an informative guide to various sites in multiple languages. Information on the roads is the best available.

Harita Genel Komuntanligi Turkish 1:250.000 maps. Available only in the army in Dikmen, Ankara, Turkey, about $ 15 each.

U.S. Defense 1:500.000 Mapping Agency of Turkey topographic maps (5 sheets) are available in Stamford, Charing Cross Road, London.

European Centre for Geo 1:800,000 map of West Turkey - generally available.

Verlag Reinhard Kartographischer 1:500.000 Ryborsc generally available.

Website of the General Command of Mapping (Harita Genel Komutanligi)
Information on a variety of maps are available on its website.

Freytag & Berndt 1:150.000. Antalya Turkish Riviera (Türkische Riviera, Antalya)
ISBN-3-7079-0330-3, 7.95 euros' Zwerfkei in the Netherlands.
(It covers the area from west of Kas to Antalya (and from there to the east of Antalya), approximately 2 / 3 of the Lycian Way area map size: 70cm x 100cm Ca .. Show some roads and trails, " places of interest, "the names of the people and the few mountains, some rivers without height contours, shaded mountain .. If you find the maps, please let Kate know)

Russia contour maps 1:100.000: (does not work in Firefox) (Czech Republic) (Russia) have some maps of Turkey, the names on the maps are in Cyrillic script.
GPS Software Associates is the site of James Mac Pro GPS, the software allows Mac users to plot points and routes on a topographic map scanning and loading and unloading points in GPS. It is also interactive, with a GPS connected, you can track your movements on a topographic map in vivo. Bright Software, recommended.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Lycian Ruins

A score of major Lycian sites remain today. Here are some examples that can be visited independently or on tour, so for a very enjoyable day in beautiful nature.The Lycian way is a 509 km way marked trail around the coast of Lycia in southern Turkey, Fethiye to Antalya. That was researched, designed and implemented by Kate Clow with Terry Richardson. The Lycian Way is a coastal walk and mild temperatures mean that you can walk over the winter months.

The route is rated medium to hard level is not walking, but has many ascents and descents as it approaches and moves away from the sea. It is easier to start near Fethiye and gets harder as you go. We recommend walking the route in spring or autumn, February to May or September to November, summer in Lycia is hot, although he could walk short distances in the shade. The route is mostly on trails and bridle paths, is mostly limestone and often hard underfoot and stony.

In the first part of the route, and in Patara, Kalkan, Kas, Myra, Finike, Adrasan, Olympos, Cirali and Tekirova, you can stay in pensions or small hotels. Other nights, can stay in a village house, or off the field. There are plenty of places to camp near water mentioned in the book, you have to ask permission to camp.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lycian Way Documentary Video

Lycian way the long distance walking video is now ready! Testigo de la Primera maratón ultra en Turquia. Mira la Operación Completa de los Preparativos HASTA meta en la Licia Camino Ultramaratón

Note : Lycian way documentary video is not available anymore. So you can watch the video about walking on lycian way.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Checking Out The Tourism On The Lycian Way

For adventures along 500 kilometers of great beauty and rich history, the Lycian Way is the place to go. This walking path will take you to the cities can not experience any better way than to walk through. Check out what awaits you in this way on foot in Turkey. Many people are in Lycia, and some are places to enjoy their part-time in Turkey. Some of these same towns are easily accessible by road at the foot of Lycia. Oludeniz is one of those villages, situated on a white sandy beach in a blue lagoon. This gap has been ranked as the world's most beautiful and construction herein is strictly prohibited. Spending time here will be an unforgettable experience indeed, especially those interested in paragliding.

The picturesque views of Kalkan town is full of black homes beautiful bougainvillea and washing. This is a city that is famous for its history in fisheries and experiences an average of 300 sunny days each year after. This is a great place to enjoy sun, sand, surf beaches. Learn how to start enjoying Turkey by Internet. Demre, Myra, also known as, is the people that helped birth the tradition of Santa Claus. In fact, there was a real man named Saint Nicholas of Myra, who began the tradition of giving children every year. This is where you can also experience the breathtaking views of the Taurus Mountains that loom over the city. Check out how you can start working on their trip to Turkey via the Internet.

The highest point above sea level along the road is in the ruins of the Church of the Angel Gabriel. This area is also known as Alakilise and is indeed a beautiful and disconcerting to see. You can not fail to be transported in the sixth century, when this church was built. Much history surrounds the Olympian gods in the city of Cirali. Many movies have been made about these issues. Check out the ruins of Olympos itself while walking along the path through Lycia. You can also have the opportunity to reach the summit of Mt. Olympus too. In no other place on earth you can find the history so rich.

Anyone who loves history will most likely heard about the so-called leader Alexander the Great. Visit a place where he lived in a town called Phaselis. This area is also home to the speaker and well-known poet of the time called Theodectis. The historical significance of this city is large and you may experience when you make your travel plans to go to Turkey. Many beautiful towns and cities are waiting for you while you walk the path of Lycia. Find out how you and your family can start your tour online today. A lot of travel and tourist information is available for those wishing to visit Turkey.

Fethiye To Kaback

At 09.00 he ran away from the dock in the harbor negative and engines slowly in the mouth of the harbor. As soon as we left the captain increased power and the boat accelerated and lifted it over his hydroplane. To begin with, was very soft and comfortable, then as we move into the open sea soon changed and we walk a thud and banging our way through the surface. The sea looked quite calm for me, but the trip was like driving fast on a dirt road, I was glad I had had my breakfast about three hours earlier. The further back in the boat you feel smoother trip, worth thinking about.

For the next hour and twenty minutes that shook and rumbled across the sea like a speedboat. I do not know exactly what speed we were doing, but I estimate the distance and time must have been about 40 mph. Two days later, the return trip was not as fast as we find more rough water and had to stop and get out of the hydroplane, the expected time of arrival in Fethiye was 18.00 but not dock until just after seven years .

By purchasing a ticket that he had asked an open declaration that he would spend a couple of days with a friend. They gave me a receipt for the money, but nothing more. In my ignorance, I used the boarding pass outward trip from Rhodes to return the passport control and get on the boat again. I have one ticket for each part of the trip. I should have visited the ticket office in Rhodes to check-in and get my boarding pass before going through passport control and boarding the ship. I said this and had to spend time doing it accompanied by a member of the crew explained the situation to staff, clearer instructions that have helped and is worth asking if we're not sure.

The cost of an open return is 170TL. The statement is a tax of 5 euros to pay the port of Rhodes at the box office and, if a tourist visa is required again, 15 euros at the passport control in Fethiye. It is a good way to quickly get to Rhodes if you're not near Marmaris or you like going to Meis of Kas, which is what I usually do.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Angelina Jolie came to Turkey for Syrian refugees (video)

ALTINOZU, Turkey - UN envoy Angelina Jolie travels to Turkey's border with Syria, where he will meet with some of the more than 9,600 refugees who have fled a bloody crackdown against the Syrian government against demonstrators. Hollywood's celebrity goodwill ambassador of the High Commissioner for Refugees was expected to arrive in the Turkish province of Hatay on Friday afternoon. Turkish authorities were hanging 15 meters (16 yards) long banner near the entrance of the camp to welcome Jolie. The banner reads: "Angel goodness of the world, welcome."
In April, Jolie traveled to Tunisia during the refugee crisis as thousands of people fled their war-ravaged neighbor, Libya.

Jolie has arrived the Turkey airport

Jolie is expected to arrive in Istanbul and the head of Hatay on Friday, according to the ministry, he accepted a request from his visit Wednesday. More than 8,000 Syrians have fled their country to Turkey to escape the violence, including a military offensive in the Jisr al-Shugur area. Jolie was appointed Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees United Nations in early 2001 and has visited over 20 countries "to highlight the plight of millions of uprooted people and advocate for their protection". The UN office said his interest in "Humanitarian woke up in 2000 when she went to Cambodia to film the adventure film" Tomb Raider "."
Jolie has won numerous acting awards, including Best Actress Award for her performance in 1999 in "Girl, Interrupted."

Friday, May 6, 2011

Cape Gelidonya GPS (KMZ)

Concentrated Shortly after the departure of the majority of the crew, the other project members on the liberation of Pithos base and the surrounding clay from the base of Boulder. We were very careful, not the ceramic itself during the summer of damage caused by delicately chipping away at the surrounding concretion, and had managed the majority of the freely around the concretion Pithos the remaining concretion forms a base underneath. Dr. Özdaş therefore decided that should a long crowbar, he is able to Pithos base of the rocks below without damaging it pop. As you can see from the pictures, it worked like a charm, and made ​​continued work in the area much more accessible, allowing them to remove the rest of the pottery.

what can we eat for walking

Reduce the length of your walks two to three weeks before the date of the marathon or half marathon. Your weekday walks should fall to three or four miles each, and your weekend walks should be reduced to twelve miles or so each for a full marathon. Your body will need time to rest before the full distance.

Do not eat anything unusual the day before or the day of the marathon. You run the risk of something "not agree" with you, and stomach problems will prevent almost certainly want your end of the event. Instead, eat a healthy meal that contains protein and complex carbohydrates. Chicken, fish and whole grains are good choices. If the race offers sports drinks and water, try to alternate between the two moisturizing stations. Too much of sports drinks may cause stomach upset, but a little help, keep up your energy.

Carry some snacks, runner's lubricant and blister tape along with you. Do not buy new shoes for the event - this is not the time to break it to your shoes should be relatively new, but you should have gone two or three weeks in them to ensure they are comfortable and will not cause any friction. Note that you have trained and planned for this day for weeks or even months. The marathon will be a challenge, but it is one that you overcome.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nutrition and long distance walking

Nutrition travelers, especially long-distance hikers, is both fun and serious problem for the review.
We all have to go from the vision of the first U.S. food writer Earl Shaffer, the first to learn-by: "Going over, under or around the [purged] was a lengthy process, but that alone could not explain the fact that my power was fading. Sometimes it is necessary to recover the ground for several minutes or sit on a tree trunk for a moment while driving over stretch. Something was wrong .... The pressing problem was my weak growth .... About noon I heard cooking. Since the meals were completely lost due to rain, I decided a double amount of what some could be kept and eaten cold, if not available cooking fire in the night. To my surprise, "sawdust pudding all boilers be full [ fungal maize flour VGV], but disappeared if by magic, along with half a pound of brown sugar, a can of milk and some raisins. Almost immediately my legs lost all sense of lead and I felt like walking again. It was a case directly by starvation, despite no change in the sense of hunger. From that moment, my greatest strength as well as my food bill. "(Walking with Spring, p. 19).

If you consume about 2,000 calories per day in sedentary lifestyle, are likely to need at least 4,000 calories per day for a long walk. Shaffer discovered the hard way. The goal of nutrition in a long hike is the calorie intake with energy expenditure balance and not create a deficit of vitamins or minerals. These include the use of water and electrolytes, which vary with the heat and humidity. The ability to observe long-distance hikers eat when food is available and the result is known for its many miles and heavy loads legendary. Ayce (all you can eat) is short of the magic of the restaurants along the route on the books of information. Not only the economy but are Ayce physiological need pulling power and, above all, the pounds that are not transported.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

lycian way cheap eats & snacks

Gözleme is traditional food in Turkey's south places. There are two different kinds. Gözleme is most famous food in Turkey if you are decided to walk you can get this foods in your bags (: In any case, such as Gozleme (also known as the Turkish pancake) is first on the list for the simple reason that it is proper cheap, eat a lot of that and we had one of the best such as Gozleme we've had in the market on Friday night and Fethiye I'm still thinking about it. A bit misleading really called pancakes because if you see one that is done, you'll know it's a mixture of pastry rolled very thin in a big circle and then selected topping is sprinkled on top. It is then folded in half and cook in a large metal plate. Watching this process is also part of the fun of eating such as the Gozleme. Is a skilled job.

in the Fethiye area, such as Gozleme is available in all markets and is very popular. Most of the stands and make sweet fillings as well, but if you choose a fresh which means you lose a good team that serves as a beautiful, strong and spicy pickled cabbage red chiles in vinegar or pickled mixed vegetables. The Turks love their pickles. None of this nonsense purchased. You make your own. Massive jars of them.

If you are not a market person, such as Gozleme is also on the road cafe bit (usually is announced outside) and people. In the area of Fethiye, Bülent'in Yeri in Kayaköy and nomad tents in the extreme to make a beach such as Gozleme Çalıs say.

walking stick for old people

Sticks called bastoon in Turkey. The rods are probably one of the oldest human tools were used, in part because of its simplicity and partly because of its usefulness. Most of us at some point we have seen a picture of a monkey wizzened old walking with the aid of a stick or cane, or perhaps a recreation of a prehistoric ape using a stick to help you take your first steps in vertical position unstable. Thus, poles are as old as us and, in fact, a stick in its simplest form is actually a branch of a sturdy tree, easy to find almost anywhere.

Today, walking sticks and canes are not really used as fashion accessories and are not really part of modern dress, but was not always so - again in the 17th century to 18 sticks became part of "stringent dress daily of a gentleman. First, these were used as canes, but also took charge of the overall use and implementation of the sword to aid in protection - a cane properly handled can make a formidable weapon. In fact, the cane or sugar cane was so popular in the early twentieth century that the volumes were written on the use of a self-defense.

Sticks these days are most commonly used as mobility aids, either for older people who are finding it increasingly difficult to walk or persons who have been in accidents and have an injury that makes walking difficult or painful. Therefore, it is more likely to see his former Great walking one and then maybe jump in Starlift that such a handsome man in the city go to the theater. Unless, of course, is Dr. House - TV doctor we all love. Who can forget his "fuck cane with flames? The other group that makes extensive use canes are hikers. It is often used a Nordic Walking Stick that looks somewhat like a ski pole to help them balance and aid in their trips.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Recommended Walking Distances

Walking is a way to facilitate the exercise, increase your fitness and improve your overall health. According to the Mayo Clinic, walking can reduce bad cholesterol, increase good cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, helping control your weight, improve your mood and help you stay in shape. If you already have a walking routine, start adding medium or long distance trips. Those who are starting an exercise routine should start with short distances.

Walking Distance
If you are just starting out or have little time to walk, most of your miles will take place at close range, anything from 1 / 2 to 3 miles. These trips will help you create and maintain the basis of their exercise routine. It might be easier to time these rides instead of worrying about the time they are. You can start with just five to 10 minutes at a time and add increasing their level of fitness. Once you can do 3 miles an hour or less, do not hesitate to begin to add middle-distance walks as well. You can also make a short day trip or to add more miles to break in your schedule instead of going for a long walk.

Tips On Walking Long Distances

Walking long distances can put a strain on your feet and body. Pay attention to detail before and while walking can make the journey less difficult. You must make sure your feet and body are in good condition to avoid discomfort.

Wear breathable fabrics that exposes the skin to oxygen and allow your body to sweat. Try to avoid all cotton materials. Breathable fabrics help to prevent skin from chafing and blisters. It also helps to apply lubricant to the areas where they have experienced before rubbing.

Water helps to maintain energy and strength. Bring a large water bottle and filled with water and ice. Familiarize yourself with the road walking and learn the location of the sources of water through the road.

Along with water, your body needs food for energy. Which burns calories and helps you to walk longer distances. Bring a few snacks in a resealable bag for easy access during the walk. Some supplies are healthy snacks bars, raisins or nuts.

Prepare your feet
The long distances can cause discomfort and pain in the feet. Standing as much as possible before the road so they are rested. Clean and clip toenails to avoid discomfort at the front of the feet. Use lightweight and breathable shoes to avoid painful blisters.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Louis de Bernière visit to Kayaköy and Fethiye

Anyone who has read and enjoyed the birds Louis de Bernières "Without Wings, will be pleased to know that soon you will have the opportunity to meet and participate in a discussion of this richly drawn portrait of life in the imaginary town of Eskibachçe, which is based in the abandoned village of Kayaköy.

On Sunday May 1 afternoon with Luis has been organized in the Garden Günay, which overlooks the ghost town, or Levissi in Kaya Valley. Tickets are 50tl each and will be on sale from today in FETAV, the figure and the Garden of Günay. Numbers are limited, so do not delay. The figure, which is central to the organization of this unique and important event, you use the net proceeds to help refurbish Kaya primary school and also to help local children, including those with thalassemia (Mediterranean anemia).

Luis is in the area until 4 May and a full program of events for Monday and Tuesday, including a meeting with school students Fethiye, will be available later this week.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Training for long distance hiking trails

Training is essential to go for comfort and success in a long distance. Your training should focus on building a base of walking, then increase your mileage account in a systematic way. Avoid injuries by not increasing your total mileage per week, or distance of your longest walk per week for over 10% Ultra runners have much in common with ultra-walkers, and although they usually mix distances on foot in the longer distance events. Training plans are derived from ultra running good for walkers.

When training for 50 km to 100 mile range, the longest distance to train should not exceed the required 20 - 25 miles, you should perform at least twice in the two months before the event. Then plug in the month before the event on a 20-kilometer route.

For shorter distances, such as for the multi-day hikes, followed by a marathon training plan for running performance buildings. But people build back-to-back long days up in training, so you can easily judge that arise from walking long distance on consecutive days.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

shoes for long distance walking

Walking is not much equipment, but it requires a device is critical. When you consider how many steps you take and for how long, it comes to everything, literally where the rubber meets the road - your shoes.

In most sports mega stores you will find a category for "walking", which versions of running shoes with the most important properties that are changed: light, flexible and lower heel. If you pick up a pair, you will be able to maintain likely to recognize the difference when you compare it to a moderate running shoe to the lower of cost. In fact, if the differences you a running shoe, where it could buy more variety and possibly better prices. Or you might want to go with a trail running shoe. Of course there are the mega-dollar fall election for a pair of Mephisto and Ecco's at your local high-end mall, when you burn money, or are either concsious status.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nutrition advice for walking

Just in case his mother begins to experience strange, I would write down everything that he was offered and what he ate. Is there anything physical to do he want? What about water shooting? Swimming? I would find out he has an interest in and run with it. Encourage him not to insult him or make fun of him (I'm sure you do not).

Just flat out tell him that this is in your budget and your run it a certain way. And can he do what he wants when he is at his mother but when he at home, he must be kept by your rules. And hopefully by the end of the summer he will have a better lifestyle.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Map West Lycian Way

Topographic map with locations Lycian. New maps are coming. I'll be adding next week. Coming soon...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Lycian Way Hotels

Highlights of the Lycian Way are:

Spectacular walks on the slopes of Baba Dagi, beneath the flight path of the paragliders.

Breathtaking descent to Faralya, above the cliffs of Butterfly Valley.

The 12 km long beach of Patara.

Spectacular views of the coast from above Kas and Kalkan.

The castle, port and sunken ruins at Ucagiz.

The Church of the Angel Gabriel in the hills above Myra

A fabulous ridge top removed to Finike.

Staying at the lighthouse at Cape Gelidonia.

Climbing Mount Olympos - 2388m.

Splashing in the canyon at Goynuk.

And hides the ruins of Lycian cities, the friendliness of the villagers, the quaint old houses in deserted corners, the deep forests and white rocks, and the blue Mediterranean.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Turkey Ultra Marathon - ultra route

Another new competition is the Turkish sporting calendar with the ultra-marathon, which took place in several other countries, and whose main characteristic is perseverance been added.
Of the 15 participants of the first ultra-marathon in Turkey is a women. It was organized by an arts and cultural organization, and Novo Nordisk's main sponsor. The race started from Ölüdeniz, Fethiye and ending in Antalya, who lasting 6 days and the participants in their food and sleeping on his back. They are run on courses varies 28-51 km per day.

Participants set up tents for camping at the beginning of the historical Lycian Way in District of Oludeniz Ovacik, Fethiye, where the official start of the race was initiated by the Housing Director of Youth and Sport, Burhanettin Hacıcaferoğlu and the consultants of ultra-marathon competition, Prof. Dr. Taner Damcı.
The race started with a red ribbon was cut and among the participants there were names like SOCR Lilleoerg; Kemal Özdemir, a lecturer at the Naval Academy, whose left arm was amputated, Hüseyin Polat from Izmir, is the oldest athlete, Mustafa Kiziltas, coach of the alpinism , Emin Bayraktar; be increased Dalkilic Alper and Dr. Aylin Savacı by the Turkish Association of spinal paralysis, participation in money for 6 motorized wheelchairs with batteries, with a slogan "6 chairs in 6 days".
Turkey's first ultra-marathon on the Lycian Way, is at the nell'Elba Phaselis near Antalya-Kemer end. The competition to about 240 km takes 6 days, at the end of Saturday 16 October. The participants will try to average 40 km between 06.00 am and 18.00 clock from clock.

At the stop-over points of the participants will be provided with water and medical care available if needed. Prof. Dr. Taner Damcı, staff member in the Department of Metabolism of Cerrahpaşa Medical School and consultant said of the Lycian Way Ultramarathon as follows: "It's the first time that Lycian Way Ultra Marathon in Turkey was organized, we are very happy with it. start, the Turkish leg of the marathon, which is organized in the world. First Marathons are always terrifying. However, the Lycian way many historic sites and beautiful scenery. In the coming years, the participants in this marathon is truly international. At the moment only 15 athletes taking part. cover some 240 kilometers ultra-marathon is a competition of stamina, the way exceeds the distance of a regular marathon. It is running hard on courses such as narrow trails, mountains, deserts and icebergs. I to this marathon for years. I looked on the Lycian Way. My friends and I decided to have the marathon at this track for the first time in Turkey. Our goal is to make a significant contribution to sports tourism in Turkey. "

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tahtali GPS - Tahtali Google KMZ

GPS coordinates : take off : 36°32'12" (36.5368)N; 30°26'31" (30.442)E - Elevation : 2344 m.
landing : 36°33'55" (36.5654)N; 30°34'22" (30.5729)E - Elevation : 5 m.
Parking : Landing parking gps : 0 N, 30.5777 E

Tahtali KMZ  Tahtali GPS (GPX File)

View Larger Map

Friday, February 4, 2011

Long distance walking shoes

Long distance walking shoes need for the comfortabling. Order long distance on foot, should shoes that are made specifically for this purpose. If you try to walk long distance with your normal shoes, a lot of trouble come to you. Start your shoes can come out after the first 10 miles, and this results in a manner to compensate for the distance. This can lead to tendon injuries and tendon tears. Long-distance hiking shoes must be comfortable, without implying a restriction on your movements. The sole of the long-distance walking shoes should be soft, so your steps are fully padded. It should also be strong and durable enough to withstand the many miles. You can even socks with thick soles for extra cushioning. You can use the distance calculator to going, so you set goals. To this, one only has the number of miles and the pace at which you walk into force. It is calculated how long it will be removed, the number of miles.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

sunday times travel 10 walks

The Lycian Way follows joined the old 500 km of hiking trails and mule roads, the villages of the Aegean coast before the arrival of the car. Waymarked to Grande Randonnée standards, the Lycian Way is now open, this book is the official handbook.

Lycia is the historical name of the Teke Peninsula, the bruise on the Turkish Mediterranean coast between the cities of Antalya and Fethiye. It is the western end of the Toros Mountains, the curl in a double arc around the central plateau and the southern coast of Lycia.

This book is a guide to the first highlighted Turkey's long-distance footpath, the Lycian Way. With the route descriptions in the book and following the Grande Randonnée style red and white flashes, you can safely and comfortably walk around the Lycian coast.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Long Distance Walking Nutrition

What types of foods we should take on board when walking? They are in all kinds of muscles walk, and that means that you should eat foods that contain carbohydrate-rich foods and, above all others, the healthy fatty acids and sugar. If you have not done enough particularly carbohydrates, then you need to slow down your walk and eventually stop completely different you end up suffering from exhaustion due to a lack of energy. However, as mentioned above, there is no exact science in the development, how much you need to because of the many variables outlined above can eat. If you consider what, certain types of foods to use, you may also need to take into account the weight you can carry on your shoulders, if for example you carrying a backpack. If that's the case, you should apply to food easy to carry, but a lot of energy that can compare its size to offer take.

For example, a typical lunch for a leisurely day walking could contain some cheese or peanut butter sandwiches, a bar of chocolate and maybe some dried fruit, a cereal bar or a banana if you prefer.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Project summary
Garanti, not just limiting their mission to banking services, but also through the exchange of know-how with their employees and customers, aims to enhance all social partners. concluded with a variety of projects and art & cultural activities, is intended to provide "know-how" to make as many people as possible and throwing "light" in the future through this learning. Since Garanti confident that through the exchange of know-how of the more enlightened people do, the better rate we acquire to achieve in the future. To his 60th Birthday, Garanti, with the same approach eye, prepared a series of projects to celebrate the road into the future and past light.

Facade lighting project: Garanti entered its 60th Birthday with celebrations taking place at any branch of historical time. In this project, 7 historical buildings in 6 cities have started to be examined, starting from the east to the west of Turkey both at sunset. Souvenir stamps printed on the 60th Anniversary of the guests were given as gifts during the ceremony at which 2,000 people. With Garanti Istanbul headquarters Zincirlikuyu was on 22 June 2006 lit at a ceremony attended by the chairman of Garanti Bank Ferit F Şahenk and General Manager Ergun Özen. As part of this lighting project was started on weather information, from a luminous meteo pole is at the center on one of the busiest streets of Istanbul, where installed. The color of the reflected light on the pole mounted on the roof of the building is for the people of Istanbul, the weather conditions expected within 24 hours display. Blue means sun, white clouds, yellow fog, green and red snow showers falling in each case.

Lycian Way book: At the "Four lights in the future" competition project as part of the 50th Anniversary of Garanti's arranged, won the award for "Lycian Way", the longest walking trail 'of 509 km in Turkey, was printed as a guide book and presented to the service of tourism. The Lycian Way book, than 60 Year warranty printed gift appeal to nature and history fans, says the famous route, the signal system in accordance with international standards were developed by Garanti, while the leader characters are maintained twice a year by the same bank.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lycian Long Distance walking

The Lycian way can be found in Turkey. This stunning long-distance hiking trail is a 500 km hymn to majestic beauty of Turkey, starting from the outskirts of Fethiye to Antalya gates. Make no mistake, this is not a walk Sunday for the faint of heart. As you wander down to 1,200 meters mountains and the beaches of the Mediterranean, visiting some of the most beautiful mountain scenery to visit Turkey and isolated ruins. To traverse the entire route requires a good 30 days. You can in a few inns (or bonds) to stay on track and may be invited, in a farmhouse or two of rest, but leave the tent behind.

The trail is easy to walk, how to start near Fethiye, but difficult the further you go. As you follow old limestone mule trails and footpaths, walking is sometimes a little hard on the feet, but you see the wonder make this trip worth every step. You may feel like you stepped through a door into a completely different universe, so our breakneck lifestyle behind. Clean air and westerly winds to clear your mind and your lungs. Meandering along the Mediterranean coast increases the otherworldly feel like you in the indigo depths of the sea only with the sounds of the water and the birds to keep them company peer. There is no smog here - only the heavenly scent of wild herbs and flowers to fill your senses. Get the ultimate inside scoop on the exquisite Lycian Way long distance footpath in Turkey now in our complete online review of the lycian way Turkey.

Monday, January 3, 2011

hittites contributions to weapon making

What were some contributions of the Hittites?

The Hittites may have been among the first irons to use as a precious metal in such things as thrones and ceremonial daggers work. There is no evidence that they know how to produce steel cheaply enough, and make it hard enough to use as weapons of war.

The most important contribution is the Hittites modern history. Hittite diplomatic tablets rather long preamble about negotiations that had gone before, and are part of the history of relations between Hatti and other nations.