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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Traditional Turkish foods you must try near the lycian way

If you come to Turkey you can find a lots of Turkish traditional foods but it is most important thing i think, you must try traditional foods walking during the lycian way. It is strange but good for you about the learning culture. Because try is the new learning method i think. So first of all, a long time ago i added "Turkish Gozleme" this is the most famous village food or snack in Turkey.

Turks have a wide variety of vegetables and of course this reflects on the plates. A very important detail about vegetable dishes is if they have meat in them or not. If a dish is cooked without any meat then called zeytin yağlı - meaning cooked with olive oil. This type of vegetable dishes are mostly served cold. Here are three good examples of dishes yağlı zeytin.

traditional foods in turkey

Kebab is the common name for a dish where the meat is covered around a skewer and grilled over a charcoal fire. Originally consisting of lamb meat or beef, but nowadays you can also choose chicken. What kebab for lunch while visiting Istanbul is a full page dedicated to this dish hydrant. Döner in essence, is a dish seasoned pieces of meat beaten with sebum, local herbs and spices, skewered on a spit and vertical grid. Check out this page if you want to know their history and selected döner kebap dishes. Köfte - is commonly known as meatballs, but they come in all forms. The basics are kofte minced meat (usually lamb or mutton) mixed with crumbled bread, onion and spices. The most common dish is Izgara Köfte, where the mix of grilled meat and served with grilled green peppers, chopped parsley, crushed dried red peppers and rice or bread on the side. Manti - You might think mantı as a kind of meatballs. This excellent Turkish dish contains two main ingredients: the dough and filling, which consists of ground beef or lamb, onion, salt and pepper. Find out why good mantı handmade is much more than just Turkish ravioli with yogurt.

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