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Saturday, August 6, 2011

topografic maps lycian way

Historical cartography of the area began with Francis Beaufort, a British Naval Captain, which assigns the southern coast of Turkey Patara to Antioch. He has published a book, Karamanie during his travels in 1812.
The Lycian Way, St Paul Trail and books are accompanied by large Kackar folding maps. These maps were professionally produced by Hungarian cartographer George You still and detailed maps showing the general outline covered by the books.

In addition, the maps available are:
- Lycia and Pamphylia / Pisidia 1:250,000 maps produced by archaeologist Aydal Sabri and is available in Antalya Museum, and some stores on the map. Useful contour maps showing the way in Lycia and other trails. Includes an informative guide to various sites in multiple languages. Information on the roads is the best available.

Harita Genel Komuntanligi Turkish 1:250.000 maps. Available only in the army in Dikmen, Ankara, Turkey, about $ 15 each.

U.S. Defense 1:500.000 Mapping Agency of Turkey topographic maps (5 sheets) are available in Stamford, Charing Cross Road, London.

European Centre for Geo 1:800,000 map of West Turkey - generally available.

Verlag Reinhard Kartographischer 1:500.000 Ryborsc generally available.

Website of the General Command of Mapping (Harita Genel Komutanligi)
Information on a variety of maps are available on its website.

Freytag & Berndt 1:150.000. Antalya Turkish Riviera (Türkische Riviera, Antalya)
ISBN-3-7079-0330-3, 7.95 euros' Zwerfkei in the Netherlands.
(It covers the area from west of Kas to Antalya (and from there to the east of Antalya), approximately 2 / 3 of the Lycian Way area map size: 70cm x 100cm Ca .. Show some roads and trails, " places of interest, "the names of the people and the few mountains, some rivers without height contours, shaded mountain .. If you find the maps, please let Kate know)

Russia contour maps 1:100.000: (does not work in Firefox) (Czech Republic) (Russia) have some maps of Turkey, the names on the maps are in Cyrillic script.
GPS Software Associates is the site of James Mac Pro GPS, the software allows Mac users to plot points and routes on a topographic map scanning and loading and unloading points in GPS. It is also interactive, with a GPS connected, you can track your movements on a topographic map in vivo. Bright Software, recommended.

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