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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lycian Way Documentary Video

Lycian way the long distance walking video is now ready! Testigo de la Primera maratón ultra en Turquia. Mira la Operación Completa de los Preparativos HASTA meta en la Licia Camino Ultramaratón

Note : Lycian way documentary video is not available anymore. So you can watch the video about walking on lycian way.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Checking Out The Tourism On The Lycian Way

For adventures along 500 kilometers of great beauty and rich history, the Lycian Way is the place to go. This walking path will take you to the cities can not experience any better way than to walk through. Check out what awaits you in this way on foot in Turkey. Many people are in Lycia, and some are places to enjoy their part-time in Turkey. Some of these same towns are easily accessible by road at the foot of Lycia. Oludeniz is one of those villages, situated on a white sandy beach in a blue lagoon. This gap has been ranked as the world's most beautiful and construction herein is strictly prohibited. Spending time here will be an unforgettable experience indeed, especially those interested in paragliding.

The picturesque views of Kalkan town is full of black homes beautiful bougainvillea and washing. This is a city that is famous for its history in fisheries and experiences an average of 300 sunny days each year after. This is a great place to enjoy sun, sand, surf beaches. Learn how to start enjoying Turkey by Internet. Demre, Myra, also known as, is the people that helped birth the tradition of Santa Claus. In fact, there was a real man named Saint Nicholas of Myra, who began the tradition of giving children every year. This is where you can also experience the breathtaking views of the Taurus Mountains that loom over the city. Check out how you can start working on their trip to Turkey via the Internet.

The highest point above sea level along the road is in the ruins of the Church of the Angel Gabriel. This area is also known as Alakilise and is indeed a beautiful and disconcerting to see. You can not fail to be transported in the sixth century, when this church was built. Much history surrounds the Olympian gods in the city of Cirali. Many movies have been made about these issues. Check out the ruins of Olympos itself while walking along the path through Lycia. You can also have the opportunity to reach the summit of Mt. Olympus too. In no other place on earth you can find the history so rich.

Anyone who loves history will most likely heard about the so-called leader Alexander the Great. Visit a place where he lived in a town called Phaselis. This area is also home to the speaker and well-known poet of the time called Theodectis. The historical significance of this city is large and you may experience when you make your travel plans to go to Turkey. Many beautiful towns and cities are waiting for you while you walk the path of Lycia. Find out how you and your family can start your tour online today. A lot of travel and tourist information is available for those wishing to visit Turkey.

Fethiye To Kaback

At 09.00 he ran away from the dock in the harbor negative and engines slowly in the mouth of the harbor. As soon as we left the captain increased power and the boat accelerated and lifted it over his hydroplane. To begin with, was very soft and comfortable, then as we move into the open sea soon changed and we walk a thud and banging our way through the surface. The sea looked quite calm for me, but the trip was like driving fast on a dirt road, I was glad I had had my breakfast about three hours earlier. The further back in the boat you feel smoother trip, worth thinking about.

For the next hour and twenty minutes that shook and rumbled across the sea like a speedboat. I do not know exactly what speed we were doing, but I estimate the distance and time must have been about 40 mph. Two days later, the return trip was not as fast as we find more rough water and had to stop and get out of the hydroplane, the expected time of arrival in Fethiye was 18.00 but not dock until just after seven years .

By purchasing a ticket that he had asked an open declaration that he would spend a couple of days with a friend. They gave me a receipt for the money, but nothing more. In my ignorance, I used the boarding pass outward trip from Rhodes to return the passport control and get on the boat again. I have one ticket for each part of the trip. I should have visited the ticket office in Rhodes to check-in and get my boarding pass before going through passport control and boarding the ship. I said this and had to spend time doing it accompanied by a member of the crew explained the situation to staff, clearer instructions that have helped and is worth asking if we're not sure.

The cost of an open return is 170TL. The statement is a tax of 5 euros to pay the port of Rhodes at the box office and, if a tourist visa is required again, 15 euros at the passport control in Fethiye. It is a good way to quickly get to Rhodes if you're not near Marmaris or you like going to Meis of Kas, which is what I usually do.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Angelina Jolie came to Turkey for Syrian refugees (video)

ALTINOZU, Turkey - UN envoy Angelina Jolie travels to Turkey's border with Syria, where he will meet with some of the more than 9,600 refugees who have fled a bloody crackdown against the Syrian government against demonstrators. Hollywood's celebrity goodwill ambassador of the High Commissioner for Refugees was expected to arrive in the Turkish province of Hatay on Friday afternoon. Turkish authorities were hanging 15 meters (16 yards) long banner near the entrance of the camp to welcome Jolie. The banner reads: "Angel goodness of the world, welcome."
In April, Jolie traveled to Tunisia during the refugee crisis as thousands of people fled their war-ravaged neighbor, Libya.

Jolie has arrived the Turkey airport

Jolie is expected to arrive in Istanbul and the head of Hatay on Friday, according to the ministry, he accepted a request from his visit Wednesday. More than 8,000 Syrians have fled their country to Turkey to escape the violence, including a military offensive in the Jisr al-Shugur area. Jolie was appointed Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees United Nations in early 2001 and has visited over 20 countries "to highlight the plight of millions of uprooted people and advocate for their protection". The UN office said his interest in "Humanitarian woke up in 2000 when she went to Cambodia to film the adventure film" Tomb Raider "."
Jolie has won numerous acting awards, including Best Actress Award for her performance in 1999 in "Girl, Interrupted."