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Saturday, April 9, 2011

lycian way cheap eats & snacks

Gözleme is traditional food in Turkey's south places. There are two different kinds. Gözleme is most famous food in Turkey if you are decided to walk you can get this foods in your bags (: In any case, such as Gozleme (also known as the Turkish pancake) is first on the list for the simple reason that it is proper cheap, eat a lot of that and we had one of the best such as Gozleme we've had in the market on Friday night and Fethiye I'm still thinking about it. A bit misleading really called pancakes because if you see one that is done, you'll know it's a mixture of pastry rolled very thin in a big circle and then selected topping is sprinkled on top. It is then folded in half and cook in a large metal plate. Watching this process is also part of the fun of eating such as the Gozleme. Is a skilled job.

in the Fethiye area, such as Gozleme is available in all markets and is very popular. Most of the stands and make sweet fillings as well, but if you choose a fresh which means you lose a good team that serves as a beautiful, strong and spicy pickled cabbage red chiles in vinegar or pickled mixed vegetables. The Turks love their pickles. None of this nonsense purchased. You make your own. Massive jars of them.

If you are not a market person, such as Gozleme is also on the road cafe bit (usually is announced outside) and people. In the area of Fethiye, Bülent'in Yeri in Kayaköy and nomad tents in the extreme to make a beach such as Gozleme Çalıs say.

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