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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nutrition and long distance walking

Nutrition travelers, especially long-distance hikers, is both fun and serious problem for the review.
We all have to go from the vision of the first U.S. food writer Earl Shaffer, the first to learn-by: "Going over, under or around the [purged] was a lengthy process, but that alone could not explain the fact that my power was fading. Sometimes it is necessary to recover the ground for several minutes or sit on a tree trunk for a moment while driving over stretch. Something was wrong .... The pressing problem was my weak growth .... About noon I heard cooking. Since the meals were completely lost due to rain, I decided a double amount of what some could be kept and eaten cold, if not available cooking fire in the night. To my surprise, "sawdust pudding all boilers be full [ fungal maize flour VGV], but disappeared if by magic, along with half a pound of brown sugar, a can of milk and some raisins. Almost immediately my legs lost all sense of lead and I felt like walking again. It was a case directly by starvation, despite no change in the sense of hunger. From that moment, my greatest strength as well as my food bill. "(Walking with Spring, p. 19).

If you consume about 2,000 calories per day in sedentary lifestyle, are likely to need at least 4,000 calories per day for a long walk. Shaffer discovered the hard way. The goal of nutrition in a long hike is the calorie intake with energy expenditure balance and not create a deficit of vitamins or minerals. These include the use of water and electrolytes, which vary with the heat and humidity. The ability to observe long-distance hikers eat when food is available and the result is known for its many miles and heavy loads legendary. Ayce (all you can eat) is short of the magic of the restaurants along the route on the books of information. Not only the economy but are Ayce physiological need pulling power and, above all, the pounds that are not transported.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

lycian way cheap eats & snacks

Gözleme is traditional food in Turkey's south places. There are two different kinds. Gözleme is most famous food in Turkey if you are decided to walk you can get this foods in your bags (: In any case, such as Gozleme (also known as the Turkish pancake) is first on the list for the simple reason that it is proper cheap, eat a lot of that and we had one of the best such as Gozleme we've had in the market on Friday night and Fethiye I'm still thinking about it. A bit misleading really called pancakes because if you see one that is done, you'll know it's a mixture of pastry rolled very thin in a big circle and then selected topping is sprinkled on top. It is then folded in half and cook in a large metal plate. Watching this process is also part of the fun of eating such as the Gozleme. Is a skilled job.

in the Fethiye area, such as Gozleme is available in all markets and is very popular. Most of the stands and make sweet fillings as well, but if you choose a fresh which means you lose a good team that serves as a beautiful, strong and spicy pickled cabbage red chiles in vinegar or pickled mixed vegetables. The Turks love their pickles. None of this nonsense purchased. You make your own. Massive jars of them.

If you are not a market person, such as Gozleme is also on the road cafe bit (usually is announced outside) and people. In the area of Fethiye, Bülent'in Yeri in Kayaköy and nomad tents in the extreme to make a beach such as Gozleme Çalıs say.

walking stick for old people

Sticks called bastoon in Turkey. The rods are probably one of the oldest human tools were used, in part because of its simplicity and partly because of its usefulness. Most of us at some point we have seen a picture of a monkey wizzened old walking with the aid of a stick or cane, or perhaps a recreation of a prehistoric ape using a stick to help you take your first steps in vertical position unstable. Thus, poles are as old as us and, in fact, a stick in its simplest form is actually a branch of a sturdy tree, easy to find almost anywhere.

Today, walking sticks and canes are not really used as fashion accessories and are not really part of modern dress, but was not always so - again in the 17th century to 18 sticks became part of "stringent dress daily of a gentleman. First, these were used as canes, but also took charge of the overall use and implementation of the sword to aid in protection - a cane properly handled can make a formidable weapon. In fact, the cane or sugar cane was so popular in the early twentieth century that the volumes were written on the use of a self-defense.

Sticks these days are most commonly used as mobility aids, either for older people who are finding it increasingly difficult to walk or persons who have been in accidents and have an injury that makes walking difficult or painful. Therefore, it is more likely to see his former Great walking one and then maybe jump in Starlift that such a handsome man in the city go to the theater. Unless, of course, is Dr. House - TV doctor we all love. Who can forget his "fuck cane with flames? The other group that makes extensive use canes are hikers. It is often used a Nordic Walking Stick that looks somewhat like a ski pole to help them balance and aid in their trips.