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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Training for long distance hiking trails

Training is essential to go for comfort and success in a long distance. Your training should focus on building a base of walking, then increase your mileage account in a systematic way. Avoid injuries by not increasing your total mileage per week, or distance of your longest walk per week for over 10% Ultra runners have much in common with ultra-walkers, and although they usually mix distances on foot in the longer distance events. Training plans are derived from ultra running good for walkers.

When training for 50 km to 100 mile range, the longest distance to train should not exceed the required 20 - 25 miles, you should perform at least twice in the two months before the event. Then plug in the month before the event on a 20-kilometer route.

For shorter distances, such as for the multi-day hikes, followed by a marathon training plan for running performance buildings. But people build back-to-back long days up in training, so you can easily judge that arise from walking long distance on consecutive days.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

shoes for long distance walking

Walking is not much equipment, but it requires a device is critical. When you consider how many steps you take and for how long, it comes to everything, literally where the rubber meets the road - your shoes.

In most sports mega stores you will find a category for "walking", which versions of running shoes with the most important properties that are changed: light, flexible and lower heel. If you pick up a pair, you will be able to maintain likely to recognize the difference when you compare it to a moderate running shoe to the lower of cost. In fact, if the differences you a running shoe, where it could buy more variety and possibly better prices. Or you might want to go with a trail running shoe. Of course there are the mega-dollar fall election for a pair of Mephisto and Ecco's at your local high-end mall, when you burn money, or are either concsious status.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nutrition advice for walking

Just in case his mother begins to experience strange, I would write down everything that he was offered and what he ate. Is there anything physical to do he want? What about water shooting? Swimming? I would find out he has an interest in and run with it. Encourage him not to insult him or make fun of him (I'm sure you do not).

Just flat out tell him that this is in your budget and your run it a certain way. And can he do what he wants when he is at his mother but when he at home, he must be kept by your rules. And hopefully by the end of the summer he will have a better lifestyle.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Map West Lycian Way

Topographic map with locations Lycian. New maps are coming. I'll be adding next week. Coming soon...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Lycian Way Hotels

Highlights of the Lycian Way are:

Spectacular walks on the slopes of Baba Dagi, beneath the flight path of the paragliders.

Breathtaking descent to Faralya, above the cliffs of Butterfly Valley.

The 12 km long beach of Patara.

Spectacular views of the coast from above Kas and Kalkan.

The castle, port and sunken ruins at Ucagiz.

The Church of the Angel Gabriel in the hills above Myra

A fabulous ridge top removed to Finike.

Staying at the lighthouse at Cape Gelidonia.

Climbing Mount Olympos - 2388m.

Splashing in the canyon at Goynuk.

And hides the ruins of Lycian cities, the friendliness of the villagers, the quaint old houses in deserted corners, the deep forests and white rocks, and the blue Mediterranean.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Turkey Ultra Marathon - ultra route

Another new competition is the Turkish sporting calendar with the ultra-marathon, which took place in several other countries, and whose main characteristic is perseverance been added.
Of the 15 participants of the first ultra-marathon in Turkey is a women. It was organized by an arts and cultural organization, and Novo Nordisk's main sponsor. The race started from Ölüdeniz, Fethiye and ending in Antalya, who lasting 6 days and the participants in their food and sleeping on his back. They are run on courses varies 28-51 km per day.

Participants set up tents for camping at the beginning of the historical Lycian Way in District of Oludeniz Ovacik, Fethiye, where the official start of the race was initiated by the Housing Director of Youth and Sport, Burhanettin Hacıcaferoğlu and the consultants of ultra-marathon competition, Prof. Dr. Taner Damcı.
The race started with a red ribbon was cut and among the participants there were names like SOCR Lilleoerg; Kemal Özdemir, a lecturer at the Naval Academy, whose left arm was amputated, Hüseyin Polat from Izmir, is the oldest athlete, Mustafa Kiziltas, coach of the alpinism , Emin Bayraktar; be increased Dalkilic Alper and Dr. Aylin Savacı by the Turkish Association of spinal paralysis, participation in money for 6 motorized wheelchairs with batteries, with a slogan "6 chairs in 6 days".
Turkey's first ultra-marathon on the Lycian Way, is at the nell'Elba Phaselis near Antalya-Kemer end. The competition to about 240 km takes 6 days, at the end of Saturday 16 October. The participants will try to average 40 km between 06.00 am and 18.00 clock from clock.

At the stop-over points of the participants will be provided with water and medical care available if needed. Prof. Dr. Taner Damcı, staff member in the Department of Metabolism of Cerrahpaşa Medical School and consultant said of the Lycian Way Ultramarathon as follows: "It's the first time that Lycian Way Ultra Marathon in Turkey was organized, we are very happy with it. start, the Turkish leg of the marathon, which is organized in the world. First Marathons are always terrifying. However, the Lycian way many historic sites and beautiful scenery. In the coming years, the participants in this marathon is truly international. At the moment only 15 athletes taking part. cover some 240 kilometers ultra-marathon is a competition of stamina, the way exceeds the distance of a regular marathon. It is running hard on courses such as narrow trails, mountains, deserts and icebergs. I to this marathon for years. I looked on the Lycian Way. My friends and I decided to have the marathon at this track for the first time in Turkey. Our goal is to make a significant contribution to sports tourism in Turkey. "

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tahtali GPS - Tahtali Google KMZ

GPS coordinates : take off : 36°32'12" (36.5368)N; 30°26'31" (30.442)E - Elevation : 2344 m.
landing : 36°33'55" (36.5654)N; 30°34'22" (30.5729)E - Elevation : 5 m.
Parking : Landing parking gps : 0 N, 30.5777 E

Tahtali KMZ  Tahtali GPS (GPX File)

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Long distance walking shoes

Long distance walking shoes need for the comfortabling. Order long distance on foot, should shoes that are made specifically for this purpose. If you try to walk long distance with your normal shoes, a lot of trouble come to you. Start your shoes can come out after the first 10 miles, and this results in a manner to compensate for the distance. This can lead to tendon injuries and tendon tears. Long-distance hiking shoes must be comfortable, without implying a restriction on your movements. The sole of the long-distance walking shoes should be soft, so your steps are fully padded. It should also be strong and durable enough to withstand the many miles. You can even socks with thick soles for extra cushioning. You can use the distance calculator to going, so you set goals. To this, one only has the number of miles and the pace at which you walk into force. It is calculated how long it will be removed, the number of miles.