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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Training for long distance walking

When training for 50 km to 100 mile range, the longest distance to train should not exceed the required 20 - 25 miles, you should perform at least twice in the two months before the event. Then plug in the month before the event on a 20-kilometer route. For shorter distances, such as for the multi-day hikes, followed by a marathon training plan for running performance buildings. But people build back-to-back long days up in training, so you can easily judge that arise from walking long distance walking on consecutive days.

You Do not Need Speed
Forget education for all faster than a 15-minute mile. You do not have speed but endurance and mental conditioning of walking for hours in a uniform pace.

Gear Up Up and Nutrition
All clothing, shoes, sun cream, wraps, etc. must be tested on your way more training days before the event. Now is the time to experiment, you try everything that is new or at the event itself. Proper sports nutrition is to prepare you for endurance events. As an endurance athlete, you should have a diet that the traditional blend of 70% carbohydrates, 20% protein and 10% fat stick. Avoid high-protein diet - they cause problems with drainage and kidneys are under strain endurance walking conditions.

Long distance walk groups

Currently there are 43 local LDWA groups in England, Wales and Scotland and the South, a member thereof is a great fun! In fact, without them would not exist LDWA. Currently there are no local groups for the rest of the northern parts of Scotland, Northern Ireland or the Isle of Man, if you live in one of these areas, and would like to start a local group there, please contact our local group secretary. Local groups host regular group walks, led by one of its experienced members long distance walking, often includes a pub or café stop for socializing. They vary in length from 15 to 25 miles, depending on the season and offer both a challenge and an opportunity to explore new areas while making new friends.

Some local groups also organize social gatherings such as dinner pub, quiz shows and local planning evenings - something to keep you out of mischief on the dark winter nights when you can not go on foot long distance walk. Some groups enjoy weekend or short holiday breaks down and share their common interest in walking and travel. Some venture far outside their local patch, including trains and boats and planes! Very important to organize groups Challenge events, where members of the trail design and help at the checkpoints on the day serving food and drinks and making sure all participants get round safely marshal, and are at the end of the day went. These are hard working but fun and rewarding.

As a member you are welcome to try any walk in the Group Walks program in long distance walking, whether you live locally in the field, but it helps if you "have to delete the walk leader know them in order that you expect.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Turkey's First Long Distance Walking Route

A guidebook on the Lycian Way, Turkey's first long-distance migration, its 10th Celebrates birthday in 2009...

A guidebook on the Lycian Way, Turkey's first long-distance migration, its 10th Celebrates birthday in 2009. There are detailed route descriptions and historical site, elevation profiles and a large removable card.

The Lycian Way, Turkey's first long-distance migration, is celebrating its 10th Birthday in 2009. This 500km coastal path is out of the darkness to international recognition, in "Time" magazine has risen presented and selected by the BBC as one of the world's 30 best hikes. As the route matures, the profile change of dedicated walkers ..This method offers a way to escape the package Turkey and a view of the land that lies beyond the reach of most tour operators.

Long distance walking

This Turkey's first long distance walking footpath will opening the spring, the Lycian Way. Stretching for 500 miles between Fethiye and Antalya offers this route about a month to walk (when you want it) by some of the most spectacular landscapes of Turkey. Lycia is a region in history and infused with a rugged charm all its own. The path can be taken by a variety of landscapes up to the shoulder Tahtali 5000ft mountain. The coastal area itself was the subject of concentrated development, and some resorts are full to saturation in the summer.

The way is not just appeared. It is the identification and mapping are the result of work by Kate Clow, a long time resident of Antalya and enthusiastic advocate of the joys of the Lycian Turkey. She has sponsors are convinced that contribute to the marking of the course and fought the good fight against the bureaucratic apparatus of the way to legitimize. I will quote a little of her bottom.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Eftelya Daily boat tour from Öludeniz

So much beautiful coast of Turkey is only accessible by boat and the area around Ölüdeniz is no different. Islands, bays and ancient ruins await you and there are not many more beautiful to see them with the boat.

It can be a little difficult to get on the right boat. If your boat is too bad the food or drinks expensive and then the day can be ruined crowded. We want to help you avoid. The Eftelya and her crew will pick you up on the beach of Ölüdeniz (or perhaps in your hotel, see below), and take you on a miniature journey of discovery. On most days of the week the Eftelya runs like a day boat and gets hot from the beach. Once or twice a week, however, she runs courses for Activities Unlimited and the Leventa hotel. On these days the number of passengers is limited, and the captain takes you to places that ignore most of the day boats.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Olympos Ruins Turkey

Although we booked a direct bus service, we need to transfer to bus station in Antalya. The little van is fully stacked and then we wind through the mountains until they are deleted at the exit from the road to Olympus. Yet another van to take us to the last part. Finally, we make the hairpin down to the sea.

We arrive at Turkmen Tree houses, where we offered a good deal: a tree house with breakfast and dinner for 9 million lire (about 6 €) per person. The tree house is very simple, but it has a good mattress, so what do we want?

Today's Olympos is not much more than a single track to offer pensions with tree houses to backpackers. At the end of the alley is the entrance to the ruins. In the period around 1000 BC, Olympos was one of the six major Lycian cities. Lycia was mainly independent country in southern Turley. Although it had many Greek influences, it was never of the Greek or Roman Empire conquered the rest of Turkey.

Get to the beach, we passed the ruins. One ticket is valid for several days. The first time we go, we just have a quick look at the stone pile. It does not look like a big city to us seem to be. Only along the small river some walls are still standing. The river, once a waterway with a sea port, is not much more than a power to buy.

Later we take more time to explore the ruins. And from hiking in the woods, where we spend more and more. We identify a theater, bath house, a few temples, a house with a beautiful mosaic floor, an irrigation canal, an acropolis (city on a hill), necropolis (city of the dead), and a lot of unknown worldwide. We would like especially the fact that they all surrounded by forests, which makes it good to explore.

Dolmus Bus in Turkey

The Turkish dolmus is a minibus that serves the coastal region of Turkey. It does not look like the public buses in Western countries operate, so here's how to ride it.
At the lowest level of the Turkish transport system is the humble dolmus. This is a publicly-run network of minibuses that most of the coastal region of Turkey, covers and some of the populated inland. Since the routes often circle peninsulas it can be a cheap way to provide some of the most beautiful landscapes in Turkey has to carry. The routes in the Turkish coast, have particularly spectacular escape.

* The dolmus can be a daunting experience if you do not know how the system works. Do not be afraid to face in Turkish. You need to stop crying only when you want to quit ("İnecek var" or "Müsait bir yerde," which is polite) - no other communication is necessary.
* Please be aware that the dolmus will probably be very crowded, you may have to be fully in a huge vessel of strange people starve and close contact with the other from to try to target you go, have to . reach

Hittite Contributions

The Hittites may have been among the first irons to use as a precious metal in such things as thrones and ceremonial daggers work. There is no evidence that they know how to produce steel cheaply enough, and make it hard enough to use as weapons of war.

The most important contribution is the Hittites modern history. Hittite diplomatic tablets rather long preamble about negotiations that had gone before, and are part of the history of relations between Hatti and other nations.

Anatolia functioned as a bridge between the Greek world in the West with the great empires of the East. When migrating groups passed over this bridge, some of their people often remained and settled, as happened when the Hittites entered Anatolia. The Phrygians arrived in a similar manner, either in conjunction with or after the fall of the Hittite Empire. The newcomers easy to fit an existing cultural patterns, and the geography of the country led to the growth of a variety of small, local powers and petty chiefs.

Eftalya Family Village

There are two different Eftalya Family Village in Turkey. One of them is alles inclusive resort hotel its name "Eftalya Family Village" The other is family village in Antalya. Its not a hotel, its family village from 12 km to Konakli. If you want to more informatin try here. Thanks for the reading my blog i always updating (:

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Storms in months of Lycian Ocean

We left Finike and sailed a few hours to an area called Kekova Roads. Anchoring in small little bays in clear water with nothing to do but enjoy the solitude, we reslish this time that we are cruising again. There's a little resturant ashore and we head in. In fact, there are actually two resturants. They compete for your business by waving you in from their dock. We chose the one that had the flags fluttering to indicate a cooling breeze. The weather is still very hot. We are greeted by the owner and his son. They take our line and help us secure the dinghy. We practice our Turkish with, "Merhaba" (hello). They laugh and we laugh....hmm, must not have gotten that quite right. They seat us in their gazabo at a table with a white tablecloth. Looking into the kitchen I see they are building a fire in the oven. We spend the next couple of hours relaxing with good food and drink. The breeze was soft and warm. Freebird sits in the distance suspended in the deep Mediterranean blue sea. Now this is more like what we signed up for. Source

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Water on Lycian Way

Hi again :) Villages have a source of clean water, with a spring and drinking or in the village mosque and school. There is much more public water sources on most routes - springs or wells. Reliable sources are marked on the maps (Lycian Way) or the GPS points (St Paul Trail) listed. You will pass at least one source per day. But you can have a bucket / tin can and string, to get water from wells.

During / after migration (June - end of October) you should also clean water with iodine or other tablets or by boiling. You may see insects in the water. Fill the bottle completely, leave them to the surface and fish, they get off the neck of the bottle. Mosquito larvae are just protein! Some wells and springs dry up from August in dry summers, is in the southwest section of the Lycian Way is the driest.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Hellenistic Map

hellenistic map in lycian way