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Friday, May 6, 2011

Cape Gelidonya GPS (KMZ)

Concentrated Shortly after the departure of the majority of the crew, the other project members on the liberation of Pithos base and the surrounding clay from the base of Boulder. We were very careful, not the ceramic itself during the summer of damage caused by delicately chipping away at the surrounding concretion, and had managed the majority of the freely around the concretion Pithos the remaining concretion forms a base underneath. Dr. Özdaş therefore decided that should a long crowbar, he is able to Pithos base of the rocks below without damaging it pop. As you can see from the pictures, it worked like a charm, and made ​​continued work in the area much more accessible, allowing them to remove the rest of the pottery.

what can we eat for walking

Reduce the length of your walks two to three weeks before the date of the marathon or half marathon. Your weekday walks should fall to three or four miles each, and your weekend walks should be reduced to twelve miles or so each for a full marathon. Your body will need time to rest before the full distance.

Do not eat anything unusual the day before or the day of the marathon. You run the risk of something "not agree" with you, and stomach problems will prevent almost certainly want your end of the event. Instead, eat a healthy meal that contains protein and complex carbohydrates. Chicken, fish and whole grains are good choices. If the race offers sports drinks and water, try to alternate between the two moisturizing stations. Too much of sports drinks may cause stomach upset, but a little help, keep up your energy.

Carry some snacks, runner's lubricant and blister tape along with you. Do not buy new shoes for the event - this is not the time to break it to your shoes should be relatively new, but you should have gone two or three weeks in them to ensure they are comfortable and will not cause any friction. Note that you have trained and planned for this day for weeks or even months. The marathon will be a challenge, but it is one that you overcome.