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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

sunday times travel 10 walks

The Lycian Way follows joined the old 500 km of hiking trails and mule roads, the villages of the Aegean coast before the arrival of the car. Waymarked to Grande Randonnée standards, the Lycian Way is now open, this book is the official handbook.

Lycia is the historical name of the Teke Peninsula, the bruise on the Turkish Mediterranean coast between the cities of Antalya and Fethiye. It is the western end of the Toros Mountains, the curl in a double arc around the central plateau and the southern coast of Lycia.

This book is a guide to the first highlighted Turkey's long-distance footpath, the Lycian Way. With the route descriptions in the book and following the Grande Randonnée style red and white flashes, you can safely and comfortably walk around the Lycian coast.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Long Distance Walking Nutrition

What types of foods we should take on board when walking? They are in all kinds of muscles walk, and that means that you should eat foods that contain carbohydrate-rich foods and, above all others, the healthy fatty acids and sugar. If you have not done enough particularly carbohydrates, then you need to slow down your walk and eventually stop completely different you end up suffering from exhaustion due to a lack of energy. However, as mentioned above, there is no exact science in the development, how much you need to because of the many variables outlined above can eat. If you consider what, certain types of foods to use, you may also need to take into account the weight you can carry on your shoulders, if for example you carrying a backpack. If that's the case, you should apply to food easy to carry, but a lot of energy that can compare its size to offer take.

For example, a typical lunch for a leisurely day walking could contain some cheese or peanut butter sandwiches, a bar of chocolate and maybe some dried fruit, a cereal bar or a banana if you prefer.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Project summary
Garanti, not just limiting their mission to banking services, but also through the exchange of know-how with their employees and customers, aims to enhance all social partners. concluded with a variety of projects and art & cultural activities, is intended to provide "know-how" to make as many people as possible and throwing "light" in the future through this learning. Since Garanti confident that through the exchange of know-how of the more enlightened people do, the better rate we acquire to achieve in the future. To his 60th Birthday, Garanti, with the same approach eye, prepared a series of projects to celebrate the road into the future and past light.

Facade lighting project: Garanti entered its 60th Birthday with celebrations taking place at any branch of historical time. In this project, 7 historical buildings in 6 cities have started to be examined, starting from the east to the west of Turkey both at sunset. Souvenir stamps printed on the 60th Anniversary of the guests were given as gifts during the ceremony at which 2,000 people. With Garanti Istanbul headquarters Zincirlikuyu was on 22 June 2006 lit at a ceremony attended by the chairman of Garanti Bank Ferit F Şahenk and General Manager Ergun Özen. As part of this lighting project was started on weather information, from a luminous meteo pole is at the center on one of the busiest streets of Istanbul, where installed. The color of the reflected light on the pole mounted on the roof of the building is for the people of Istanbul, the weather conditions expected within 24 hours display. Blue means sun, white clouds, yellow fog, green and red snow showers falling in each case.

Lycian Way book: At the "Four lights in the future" competition project as part of the 50th Anniversary of Garanti's arranged, won the award for "Lycian Way", the longest walking trail 'of 509 km in Turkey, was printed as a guide book and presented to the service of tourism. The Lycian Way book, than 60 Year warranty printed gift appeal to nature and history fans, says the famous route, the signal system in accordance with international standards were developed by Garanti, while the leader characters are maintained twice a year by the same bank.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lycian Long Distance walking

The Lycian way can be found in Turkey. This stunning long-distance hiking trail is a 500 km hymn to majestic beauty of Turkey, starting from the outskirts of Fethiye to Antalya gates. Make no mistake, this is not a walk Sunday for the faint of heart. As you wander down to 1,200 meters mountains and the beaches of the Mediterranean, visiting some of the most beautiful mountain scenery to visit Turkey and isolated ruins. To traverse the entire route requires a good 30 days. You can in a few inns (or bonds) to stay on track and may be invited, in a farmhouse or two of rest, but leave the tent behind.

The trail is easy to walk, how to start near Fethiye, but difficult the further you go. As you follow old limestone mule trails and footpaths, walking is sometimes a little hard on the feet, but you see the wonder make this trip worth every step. You may feel like you stepped through a door into a completely different universe, so our breakneck lifestyle behind. Clean air and westerly winds to clear your mind and your lungs. Meandering along the Mediterranean coast increases the otherworldly feel like you in the indigo depths of the sea only with the sounds of the water and the birds to keep them company peer. There is no smog here - only the heavenly scent of wild herbs and flowers to fill your senses. Get the ultimate inside scoop on the exquisite Lycian Way long distance footpath in Turkey now in our complete online review of the lycian way Turkey.

Monday, January 3, 2011

hittites contributions to weapon making

What were some contributions of the Hittites?

The Hittites may have been among the first irons to use as a precious metal in such things as thrones and ceremonial daggers work. There is no evidence that they know how to produce steel cheaply enough, and make it hard enough to use as weapons of war.

The most important contribution is the Hittites modern history. Hittite diplomatic tablets rather long preamble about negotiations that had gone before, and are part of the history of relations between Hatti and other nations.